Captive insurance audits

Captive insurance helps protect income

When was the last time your business or organization evaluated risk and assessed self-insurance needs? A VonLehman Captive team can assist you in taking the important first steps of establishing a formalized insurance entity that can assist in managing risk and protecting income. Although Captive Insurance is not a new development, recent interpretations of federal tax case law is encouraging companies and organizations with adequate cash flows to create a separate entity, known as a captive insurance company. The captive’s role is to cover the insurance gaps that traditional policies cannot address. There are also potential tax benefits to setting up a captive. Your VonLehman team will work together with you to establish the unique coverage your business or organization requires, which may or may not include items such as:

Property damage
Operational and balance sheet risks
Workers’ compensation
Product liability
General and professional liability
Directors’ and officers’ liability
Vehicle insurance
Third party liability of corporate fleets and vehicles

VonLehman Captive teams work extensively and closely with our clients to match the solution to the risk in today’s complex business environment.

Managing risk, protecting income with VonLehman captive

Leaders of closely held businesses, nonprofits and governmental agencies throughout Kentucky, Ohio and Indiana recognize VonLehman as a source of experienced advisors during challenging times. When the issues are critical and results essential, a VonLehman team will assist you in developing the solution you require to reach the outcome you need.

A VonLehman evaluation and captive could limit the exposure your business currently has to risks that could drain profits. As a tool, a captive can bring extensive benefits to your business or organization. Contact us today to discuss captives’ risk mitigation and tax benefits.

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