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We understand the construction & real estate industries

As nationally respected experts in construction and real estate accounting, VonLehman’s Construction & Real Estate Group is uniquely positioned to help contractors and real estate professionals run more profitable businesses. Our forward-thinking approach to construction, real estate, finance, and business management helps our clients adapt to the evolving industry, positioning them for sustainable profitability. As a full-service CPA & Advisory Firm, we serve more than 125 contractors, both union and merit shops. Our real estate clientele is equally diverse, comprising commercial, industrial and residential businesses.

Offering construction companies a competitive edge

VonLehman is proud to be the home of four Certified Construction Industry Financial Professionals. Having CCIFPs on the Construction team gives VonLehman clients an important edge in their day to day business. Contractors and their owners can depend on a CCIFP’s insight, service and advice to lead them toward a profitable bottom line in today’s competitive market. CCIFPs, to secure this designation, must pass a stringent test, spend a significant portion of their career working on construction industry matters and commit the time and resources necessary to additional professional development in order to maintain their certification. VonLehman construction clients have seen the value in this important designation, recognizing that our CCIFPs are the best in the industry in understanding the financial needs of contractors, helping contractors to meet those needs and in looking ahead to what construction clients must do to take full advantage of critical developments in their industry.

Beyond experience, personal chemistry is vital

VonLehman prides itself on continuity of staff and minimal turnover amongst our construction team. We are fortunate to enjoy an extremely low turnover rate that is well under the industry average of 25%. As a privately owned and operated firm, we offer the best training and incentives in an excellent working environment to ensure our staff grows with the firm. You will consistently find the same experienced VonLehman professionals working with you, year-to-year, to maximize efficiencies and employ time saving processes and procedures.

Helping improve your financial performance

We are committed to leveraging tools that help construction clients improve their operations and financial performance. We are a long-time supporter of CFMA and their Annual Benchmarking Survey. This tool provides valuable information to the construction community that helps you better understand your financial position and how the data can aide in the growth of your business.

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