Government service group

VonLehman’s Government Group is committed to helping public sector entities of all types provide essential public services in the face of lean budgets, rising debt and cash-flow constraints. Our Government Group serves both state and local entities – including cities, towns, counties, school and library districts, state agencies, quasi-governmental corporations and utilities.

Experienced government team

Currently, we perform services for over 300 government and nonprofit agencies ranging in revenue size from $50,000 to $50,000,000. We have more than 30 people dedicated to working in our Government Group providing audit, accounting, tax and consulting service expertise to clients. Our team provides a breadth of service capabilities to our clients, based on the needs of each unique organization.

With the increasing complexities that organizations encounter, our team adheres to continuing education requirements strictly geared toward Government and Nonprofit agencies. These include Accounting & Auditing Updates, Nonprofit Accounting & Auditing Conferences, Government Updates, GASB Updates and Risk Assessment Standards. Professional standards require that CPAs obtain a minimum of 120 CPE hours every three years. However, the majority of our accountants acquire at least an additional 30 CPE hours.

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